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Patch cords approved for Vodafone networks

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BTV Multimedia expands WAVEPACE® with fiber optic patch cords, German Vodafone GmbH includes selected products with braun teleCom as a distributor in their material list

About a year ago, the BTV Multimedia Group introduced WAVEPACE®, the first group-wide FTTH product series, to the broadband market. In order to expand the brand’s product range, BTV Multimedia decided to also integrate fiber optic patch cables into the WAVEPACE® portfolio. In order to enable the use of the cables in their networks, German Vodafone GmbH has approved selected WAVEPACE® patch cables and, with braun teleCom as distributor, added them to their material list for network level 4.

WAVEPACE® patch cords are available ex stock from braun teleCom with diameters of 2 mm (white) or 2.8 mm (yellow) and as a steel-armored version with 3 mm and LC/APC or SC/APC connectors. All versions are halogen-free (LSZH) and have an SM G.657.A2 fiber as well as Grade B connectors. The robust, steel-armored patch cords are an innovation on the market, as they prevent the end customer from undercutting the cable’s bending radius. This prevents unnecessary and cost-intensive service calls on site.

Included in the network level 4 material list of German Vodafone GmbH are WAVEPACE® patch cords with double-sided LC/APC and combined LC/APC and SC/APC connectors in the white (2 mm) as well as the steel-armored version, each in various cable lengths. In addition, the patch cords with SC/APC connectors on both sides are also approved for use in the Vodafone in-house distribution networks, but are not listed separately in the material list. Damian Koch, managing director of braun teleCom, sees the patch cords as a promising addition to the product portfolio: “The approval of the WAVEPACE® patch cords by Vodafone GmbH enables the installing partner companies to use the components as widely as possible. Due to the excellent conditions at which we can offer the patch cords, we assume that we will achieve very good market penetration within a short period of time.” Technical information on the patch cords is available at and