The "Lucia" project

In the largest FTTH project of its kind, POTT brings 260,000 people "the light"

In the heart of Hamburg, POTT Kabelservice GmbH is modernising 117,000 residential units with FTTH on behalf of ImmoMediaNet. The lighthouse project “Lucia” is considered the largest FTTH project initiated by the German housing industry. With the help of flexible and highly scalable processes, we take care of network planning, component selection and procurement, warehousing and logistics, civil engineering, installation and commissioning of the entire fiber-optic network. This is made possible by a project organisation that specializes in fiber-optics instead of just dealing with it on the side.

Facts about the largest German FTTH project
of the housing industry in Hamburg.


117,000 residential units
in 39 months


150 residential units
installed per day


1,200 sub-projects
and collocation points


3,500 km of fiber-optic cable, which is 5 km per day

An example of process structure as the key to success.

The operational teams in the “Lucia” project consist of civil engineering specialists and in-house teams, which support each other in the area of FTTB.

If, for example, flats are not accessible at a certain point in time, the installers scheduled for this can already prepare FTTB work in geographically close sub-projects. The prerequisite for this are specially created, highly flexible processes that enable our civil engineering experts, for example, to be deployed sensibly even in frosty weather. This increases the capacity utilisation and avoids inefficient idle times. A project of this size must be managed highly economically. Even a small loss of efficiency, for example due to weather or inaccessible housing units, can mean additional costs. We avoid this extremely effectively through permanent control and forecasts of all processes.

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