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Hamburg FTTH lighthouse project reaches 100,000 installed residential units under POTT’s management

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In the “Lucia” project, currently the largest FTTH project in the German housing industry, POTT Kabelservice reaches another milestone with 100,000 residential units installed

After 75,000 fiber optic installations were reported in November last year in the largest FTTH project in the housing industry, POTT Kabelservice GmbH has now reached the next major milestone with 100,000 residential units installed in August 2022. Named “Lucia”, the lighthouse project, carried out by fibre optic specialist POTT, part of the BTV Multimedia Group, on behalf of ImmoMediaNet, a subsidiary of SAGA, started in 2018 and is now entering its final phase with a total volume of around 117,000 residential units.

According to POTT Kabelservice, the most important success factors for the highly efficient course of the project are the processes created specifically for FTTH project management and the full focus on fibre optics as the technology of the future. In the course of the project, for example, an internal academy was created, geared to the challenges of fiber optic network level 4 expansion. With individually developed workshops, employees of the nine national and international partner companies were trained by POTT in various hard and soft skills. The academy turned out to be a great success, so that the training courses will be expanded and applied to future projects.

Dieter Kynast, Managing Director of POTT Kabelservice GmbH, praises the efficient progress of the project: “By reaching the 100,000 installed residential units, the ‘Lucia’ project is a great success and currently an unprecedented fiber optic project for Germany. My special thanks go to our project partners, who have taken on the task with full attention, the highest motivation and an extremely great willingness to learn. Even during a pandemic, we were able to successfully overcome all challenges with a distinctive partner management and an individually developed, tenant-centred communication concept. With this recipe for success, we look forward to new partners and the implementation of further future-oriented FTTH projects.”

About POTT:

Since the company was founded in 1961, POTT Kabelservice GmbH has been a strong partner for setting up and maintaining broadband networks. Today the focus is on the planning and implementation of FTTH projects in northern Germany. For this purpose, POTT has a high level of expertise in partner planning as well as workforce and workflow management. Specially developed IT and logistics processes enable HFC and FTTX projects of all sizes to be carried out.

POTT is part of the BTV Multimedia Group, a rapidly growing group of medium-sized companies in the broadband industry under the umbrella of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG). BTV Multimedia bundles the activities of well-known, international manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the broadband industry, including, in addition to POTT, ANEDiS, braun teleCom, DKT, FIONIS, Holm and STW. This makes the group one of the few full-service providers on the market.

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